Monday, January 17, 2011

The Excitement Is Almost too Much

I seriously feel the need to move. Not just forward or sideways nor up and down. Move, as in take a trip some where. Staying home must have it's strong points but right now I'm not inclined to search those out.
I did not watch TV today but it was tuned to CNN. I don't count CNN as entertainment but as informative, somewhat. While I'm sitting here bored, I watch the flood waters sweeping away houses in parts of the world I've never visited. Maybe boredom is not the worst thing to suffer today?
A week has passed since the crazed gunman performed his shootout in Tucson, Az. I tend to agree with this blogger, One Bloggers' View.

 I made it a point to stay away from anything that related even mildly to pigskin. If someone had offered me cracklins I would have turned my nose up and politely refused. Later I would find myself riffling through the web to see the final scores. I shoulda watched the games?
After a while, watching football is like walking into a store packed from floor to ceiling and wall to wall with merchandise. Too much too see, I'm overwhelmed and after walking out of that store, I can't tell you a thing that was in there.
I limit myself to the Saints, LSU and sometimes WVU and Steelers. I imagine my brain as a small shelf. Crowding it too much just shoves stuff back to the edge where it falls off into an abyss never to be recollected again. I try to be selective on what I place on that shelf.

I stayed off the computer too. Carrie made her appearance here and I vowed to spend time with her. Before she arrived, I assembled all the stuff together on the kitchen counter for a pineapple upside down cake. Eggs, oil, butter, brown sugar, pineapple and of course the cake mix (you didn't really think this was a "from scratch" project did ya?)

I measured and Carrie mixed. I pulled the stems off the maraschino cherries and let her place them on the sugar and butter mixture. I wanted to tell her exactly where to place them. I stopped and told myself.."it's just a cake, let her put them where she wants."

While the cake baked, Carrie bathed. Bathing leads to shampooing hair and Carrie has a lot of that. The part where it gets iffy is when it comes time to comb and brush all that hair out. I slather it with conditioner after her shampoo, then a "leave in" conditioner is sprayed on  during the comb out. Not an ouch was heard today. I'm gettin better at the "ouchless" part.

I sent most of the cake home with Carrie's mom when she came to pick her up. It wasn't the eating of the cake that interested Carrie but the making of it. She is a joy to teach. She pays close attention to her lessons and when unclear, she questions.

I've ended my day with watching the Golden Globe Awards and I didn't even finish that. A brother phoned so we spent a while chatting. A soft sprinkle of rain has visited as forecast; it has been a soft sorta day. 
That's my Sunday.  


  1. Sounds like a great day, It is good to see someone taking time to teach the younger generation to cook, I was the only one of we three kids that learned and am glad I did, she will be very greatful in the years to come.

  2. Sounds like the perfect Sunday xx


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