Wednesday, January 12, 2011

King Cakes

It's that time of year once again when we can blame our drunken debauchery on Jesus. It's a party!

King Cakes are every where. The braided sweet bread, decorated with sugar which has been dyed gold, green and purple are the ones I refuse to eat. I have taste. I also reason if I'm going to consume enough calories to blow a diet for the next year and all starting in January, I'll indulge in the best. Meche's Donuts is my favorite place for the King Cake. Gooey chocolate, cream cheese filled goodness. Heaven disguised as a King Cake and I'm in.
I haven't lost all control yet but I know it's coming. One day I'll visit Meche's and select a Turtle King Cake. As soon as I bury my face in a hunk of it, the craving satisfied, I'll pack the remainder up and make a donation, usually at the daughters' house.

As Carrie and I breezed through the neighborhood today, we oohed and ahhhed over the Mardi Gras decorated doors. The purple, gold and green has replaced the Christmas decorations and tomorrow I'll follow suit. Hobby Lobby, here I come.

Pictures to follow.


  1. Sounds tasty do you delever, I haven't had anything that good for years!

  2. I can mail you one....but you only get to eat once slice...then you have to pass it along. The custon is..there is a baby buried in the King Cake..a little plastic baby Jesus..and the person getting the baby has to buy the next King Cake. They no longer bury the baby inside the King Cake..a fear of lawsuits should someone bit into it. The baby is now offered alongside the cake and it's your call to whether you want to put it into the cake somewhere.


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