Monday, January 10, 2011

BCS Champs...Auburn!

Carrie and I are hanging out together tonight. I warned her when she called and wanted to spend the night, a ball game would be watched.
She dumped her markers out on the coffee table, a rainbow of colors rolled randomly around her coloring book. I watched as she selected the picture we would be coloring.
Carrie likes to direct. I get directed on what part of the picture is mine to color and what colors I am to use. Carrie doesn't recognize free will. It's her way or her way.
The Ducks and the Tigers were battling it out on the field. Someone reading this at a later date might find it odd to match ducks and tigers in competition. For future reference, in one word; football.
No more sports for me until the Superbowl game. I'm more then full of anything involving a pigskin.
Some where between quarters, Carrie was speed rinsed after a sudsing, hair shampooed and into bed. Between moments of Wow Wow Wubsy on Nickelodeon, she would allow me to flip over to the ball game and watch for a few minutes. I did get to see the last three minutes of that game and a little of the celebration afterwards.

It's lights out for both of us. I'm ready; Carrie is not. I'm done.


  1. I didn't think anyone would ever be able to tell you what to do!

  2. Ya know John, after all these years, it has taken some one a little more then 3 ft in stature to perform that action. She's a I'm tired.


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