Saturday, January 8, 2011

One, Two and Three

Just some random thoughts and observations. You don't have to even take notes on this. They won't be a test next week on any of the shared information. Relax.

I was standing in the check out line at Walmart this morning. Alone. The husband had left the building to stroll to the north 40 to retrieve his truck. He parks there so the Walmart crowd will miss the opportunity to beat the doors in on his truck with their doors.

The couple standing behind me had loaded their purchases onto the conveyor belt. Two packages of turkey necks  lay among their other packages and I couldn't help asking "Say, are you guys cooking gumbo?" With a smile, she said "No, we're going crabbin."  "Crabbing?" I asked and she replied "Bait."

I smiled at them and moved along. Must be a local thing.
Observation number 2 and you might be well aware of this one.
If you hold down the "CTRL" and the  "+" key at the same time, your text size increases per times you press those keys. Likewise, pressing the "CTRL" and the "-" sign at the same time will decrease the size of your text. A quick function to use when the page print is too small.
Observation #3. Don't dust. The new stuff looks exactly like the old stuff so why rid yourself of it and go with new?
That's three and that's all I've got for you today.

I'm watching the Saints and it doesn't look good right now. If they have to lose, the least they could do is lose to a team with a great winning season. The Seahawks haven't had a winning season so it is especially aggravating to watch them falter.

I'm not complaining but making another observation. It's about the weather. My bike riding regimen is not regimented. The weather is not complying. Cold windy days without rain, or cold rainy days are too numerous of late. The following week will be more of the same.
I need to join a gym. I need a nap and it would be nice to win the lottery.
I'm done.


  1. I'm totally with you on dust! Although I still keep dusting...force of habit..I must stop!

    I too need exercise. I've been very lazy just lately and don't feel good about it.

  2. You should have been a teacher I had never heard of that method of changing the font size, bless you that will save me a lot of squinting.

  3. Linda...I hate dusting


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