Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I use em..and you do too. Take note of the times you label something with a name when explaining something to someone. An "old woman", "the elderly" , "black man", "native American", all labels we use or you may argue, adjectives to describe. When does it change from an adjective to a label?

I have yet to decide if I'm a Republican or a Democrat, a moderate or a liberal, a believer or a non believer. I waiver. A lot.

I've made the statement "I don't believe in going to church. I don't believe in any organized religion." I've watched the faces of people that have heard me speak these words and the look of horror on some of those faces would whither a person who really gave a good damn on what they thought. They have translated my words to mean "she doesn't believe in god". I'm amused. In none of the sentences I uttered were the word"god" used once.

I don't espouse my views on religion just as I don't discuss my bedroom activities in casual conversation. When asked about my religious affilation, I'm truthful with my answer. "I don't have one." The eyebrows raise just a bit here in Catholic enriched country. Usually the conversation or inquiry is dropped. If it is pursued, my comment is "I don't believe in organized religion."
For some strange reason, the brain translates this to "she said she doesn't believe in god." and the brave will gently try to guide me away from my sure path to hell for denying god.
Please, higher power, protect me from the zealous and the idiots that pass through my life. Give me the patience to not want to snap someones silly head from their shoulders. Help me to be more tolerant of these self rightous judgemental church endowed, tithing fools.

Let me move from religion.
I've blogged before about where I was born and raised. Sometimes it's with fondness, I remember this state and old friends and family. Sometimes, I'm just plain embarrassed at some of the behavior and beliefs of what I call," ye ole rednecks from the hills" attitude.
Some of these people I'm related to and listening to them, I have to shake my head and hope my eyerolls aren't blaring forth what I think of them. I listen quietly to their conversations and the things they say. More labels and ones that causes me to cringe.  As I do with most bigoted ignorant people, I keep my distance and move to increase that distance as soon as possible. I don't miss spending my time with them. Our worlds are two different  and I'm an outsider who has spent too many years on the road. Those years have made me tolerant of differences in people of all race, color, religion or sexual orientation. Speaking of sex, which always seems to perk the conversation right up, I have this to say.
I don't really give a good hot damn what you do in your bedrooms, the back seat of your car or in your neighbors bedroom and who you are doing it with.  This is none of my business and I want to keep it that way.
For those who again use god to judge someone's sexual preferences, I have this to say. Are the gay athethists exempt? Does your god judge them too? Why would they care what your god has to say about them.

Where did this post spring from you might ask? I was observing a family conversation tonight. I was embarrassed that we share the same blood. I think they need to crawl out of the hills into civilazation and slip into 2011.

I want to apologize to my friends that don't qualify for respect simpily because of skin color or sexual preference. I promise to not  subject you to an introduction to these people I'm forced to call "family." I have more respect for you then that.

One more thing..pardon the spelling damn spell checker is on vacation.


  1. You can pick a banjo.

    You can pick a peck.

    You can pick your nose.

    You can pick your friends.

    You can't pick your kin.

    They're just your cross to bear.

  2. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YA just the way you are Charlotte if you were any other way you wouldn't be our Charlotte.

  3. no commmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmet roflmao

  4. My father was quite a bigot, and a racist...well pretty much prejudiced about most things...but I loved him dearly because I could see beneath it all. My brothers have inherited some of this prejudice, but not me. Well I was always the black sheep of the family...thank goodness! I also am anti-religion. I label myself agnostic, but I have an open mind. If I as ever to adopt a religion it would probably be Islam, because of the values...but I'm not intending to anytime soon!

    I get the impression that Americans are on the whole a pretty religious/church-going race, so I can imagine the responses you get. It's quite different in the UK.

    Good post Charlotte Ann...let's get rid of labels!


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