Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mostly Carrie

Carrie spent yesterday afternoon here with me and most of today. This will be a short post unless of course you would like to hear all about play time with Carrie.

She actually slept in this morning. When she did appear, her long hair concealed her face. She appeared in the room at the end of the sofa, her veil of hair a shield until she raised her face to look at me. Her little heart shaped lips were brightly coated with the reddest of my lip color. Apparently on her way to the living room, she had made a potty break.

We all want to put our best face forward and Carrie's best face is one that is heavily layered in eye makeup and lipstick. One coat is never enough for my girl. She layers it on so thick it glows and bounces forward from her pale skin like a pair of cartoon fish lips. There was a reason for that head that was dropped low when she made her appearance.
I casually commented "Oh, you've put your lipstick on early?" The waters had been tested. She wasn't going to be scolded. Grinning at me, she slipped over and climbed on the sofa for her morning hold.

The remainder of my day was spent sporadically with Carrie. This is not to say I was bored. I was just busy. Busy as only one can be when a 5 yr. old is around with no other play mates but adults. It would have been a great day for a bike ride but Carrie wasn't having any of it.
She watched me while I hemmed some pants  on the sewing machine; a new experience for her. She had questions.  When she is a  little older, she will get some basic sewing instructions along with her cooking lessons.
I'm leaving this post right here. Maybe tomorrow I'll again have a day to take the Trek for some laps. I'm past due. 


  1. Just think of all the special memories she will have to pass on when we are all long gone of her time spent with her Granny, she is one lucky little lady, I can remember all my Grandparents when I was her age but they never were able to take the time that you do with Carrie.

  2. My paternal grandmother was a larger then life person in my life. I was "Nana's girl"....though she loved all of us equally, I was the one that spent every minute with her when I wasn't in school. My memories of my Nana are a part of my everyday life.


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