Friday, January 14, 2011

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The silver topped laptop sits beside the bed on the lamp stand. Another laptop is on the lamp table beside the sofa in the living room.

Older and slower, the silver topped one is used on occasion and last night was an occasion. I flipped open the lid and instead of the Windows logo appearing, an error message appeared. It was a load error with instructions to strike any key to continue. I did that and it didn't continue. Rebooting didn't help and the recovery disc for this laptop is long lost or misplaced.
I slapped down the lid and ignored it until tonight. Once again I flipped open the lid and the same error message appeared. Unable to get it into safe mode, I did an "Alt, Cntrl, Delete". Once wasn't enough. Sitting here peering at the TV, I continued to tap the same keys and low and behold, the computer genie kicked it off and the Windows logo lit up the screen. I'm back in business.
Another chilly day here so I found some socks and moved into sneakers instead of sandals and headed out. I had errands to run, places to go, people to see. I didn't really have people to see. I could have visited some friends but I didn't. It was one of those days that would have been better spent as I did yesterday which was home doing nothing. 
I'm not into blogging my "do nothing" days. I peek out the back door at my bike and wonder when I will be back riding. I think my energy level is in the dumps because I'm not getting any exercise on it. 
I'm saving this to draft. Too boring to publish. Should some thing really exciting happen, I'll tag it onto the end of this with a heading warning you of the boring paragraph's you will have to navigate to get to the juicy part.
I'm done for now.  

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