Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vacation and Home

Wait! Look!  Is that actually a black cloud hovering overhead?

As we floated down the river aboard our tubes, the temperatures were brutal. Water splashed over us as the wave maker in the park sent huge walls of water down the chutes. Wonderfully cool water on our toasted bodies was most welcome. 

This is the second time we have visited this water park and this time we changed our approach. Instead of arriving in the early morning we waited until 1500 hrs. Not only is the price decreased by 10.00 per person but the hours of baking in the hot sun decreases which is the best advantage to late hour arrival.

The dark cloud bought along thunder and lightning. We had to leave the water for 15 minutes and on our return the temperature had plummeted. The slight breeze blowing across our bodies caused chills. Now we were splashing water on ourselves to warm up. The five hours passed quickly and comfortably and by closing time, Carrie was tired and ready to go. Ted and April had had enough water fun too. I was just thankful that it wasn't a miserable experience because of the heat.
Back at the room, I took a quick shower before dinner. Carrie was eating a bowl of noodles and Ted professed to not being hungry. I grabbed a Pizza pocket and ran it through the microwave. April made a dash to a restaurant to buy herself a dinner and everyone was in bed and asleep early.

The following morning, we breakfasted with the birds...

I promised Carrie some pool time before we left Galveston so the next morning we grabbed our suits and headed for the pool. Thankfully, the thunder and lightning returned which gave me a good excuse to entice Carrie out and back to the room to get dressed and packed up to leave Galveston. As we left the rain that had threatened for days finally started pouring out of the black clouds. We drove to the ferry and quickly boarded for the trip back across the waterway.

We stopped in Lake Charles for a very late lunch and rolled into Lafayette at 1700 hrs to find that Carrie's game had been cancelled due to weather. What weather? Rain was predicted but didn't happen and I have to say, nobody was upset about the game being cancelled.

April and her family bailed out at her house taking very little of their possessions with them. I unpacked everything out of the car and cleaned out the cooler, threw the laundry into the machine and kept busy for the next hours before bedtime.

I'm sitting here on the front porch watching the sprinkler wave back and forth occasionally a few droplets of cool water manage to hit my legs. It's cool and that's the only thing that matters. It's going to be a long hot summer here in southwest Louisiana and I'm already disgusted with the heat. Usually we get a little rain which cools it down for a few hours though it brings the humidity along with it but to date we are in a serious drought situation. I'm give the lawn the bare minimum of water to keep the roots alive and seldom mow now. I've even raised the cutter on the lawn tractor to let the grass get longer to protect the roots.

What strange weather we are having all around the USA this year. Hurricane season is upon us and everybody is leery of this season with the Gulf being overly warm this early in the year. I'll keep a full tank of gas in my car just in case!

I'm off to get dressed and prepare for Carrie to awake. I can't get that little kid to stay home at all. Her mom came to pick her up yesterday and as she was leaving she looked back and said "Nanny, I'll call you in a little while and you can come get me?" and she did and I did. She is easy to have around so I don't mind her staying here as long as she wants.
I'm done and I'm out of here for a while. I may take Carrie somewhere today for some fun as soon as I figure out where that may be. Maybe we will go bowling or to a movie this afternoon. Yeah..some where COOL!

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