Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Double Bubble

Carrie finally dragged herself into the living room in a fit of hiccoughs. I was dressed and ready to go but I had to wait until she was fully awake so I could coax her into some clothes and out of the house. A  carrot on a stick might have helped. She hates the heat as much as me.

Driving to the store to return the shoes, we passed Chucky Cheese. Carrie wistfully mentioned going there on her last birthday and wanted to know if she could go there on her next birthday. She thinks that is the only time you go to Chucky Cheese. It was a treat watching her face when I asked if she would like to go today.

We ordered a small pizza and bought some tokens and hit the floor running. She was so excited to revisit the games she had played on her last visit. No instructions or directions were needed. I followed her from game to game until our little pizza was delivered. We took a break though I could tell she wanted to be gone from the pizza and back to the games. She understood that as soon as her tokens were gone we would be leaving. I'm always so impressed that she doesn't whine or cry when it's time to go. She understands the deal and abides by it.

We made another stop before getting back to the house. I could hear a whine. It wasn't Carrie. I had enough heat for one day and I just wanted to be back in the house. We picked up some salad stuff for dinner and headed home. Ted was waiting for us. He had ridden his bike to the house with plans of hanging out with us for the afternoon. I suspect his main objective was to get his hands on that iPad and I wasn't wrong.

Carrie and I mixed up a batch of brownies and as soon as those were baked I slid the pan of Lasagna into the oven. It should be ready by the time the daughter gets here from her job. Garlic bread, salad and Lasagna is on the menu. Carrie and Ted have been munching on the brownies. We should have lots of leftover Lasagna.

I'm off to watch some Dora The Explorer and teach Carrie to "blow bubbles" with her gum. I lead such an exciting life.
I'm also a spy and a double agent after midnight.
It sorta levels me out from all the child care and bubble gum tricks.

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