Sunday, June 12, 2011

Early Bird, Hot Bird, A/C ed Bird

There is nothing about hot that I like unless it's a meal that is served and is supposed to be hot.
Humidity? Hot and humid? Now we are talking miserable.

I opened my eyes in the dark bedroom and rolled to my right side to check out the cable box. The bright yellow numerals informed me it was 0430. Close enough. I thought I would just sneak out of bed and to the living room sofa where I could turn on the TV and bore myself back to sleep. It didn't happen. The part of going back to sleep didn't happen.

Giving up on more sleep, I stepped through the front door and onto the porch. It felt good. The temperatures had slacked off and it was very comfortable in the dark A.M. side of midnight. The water hose was still snaked across the front lawn. I have to water the flowers every day so I don't wrap up the hose. I grabbed the hose and followed it to the connection to the faucet. Cranking the faucet open, a cool stream of water pushed forth and sprayed my feet.

I headed for the mailbox garden and soaked the flowers and the ground there before moving back to the base of the house to saturate the ground there.

I'm fully awake now and it's slightly after 0500 so I dragged the water hose to the patio and sprayed down the Marquis.

Scrubbed and dried, the last part of the job of cleaning that car was finished. The carpets inside had dried from the previous days' cleaning of them so I collected the mats and replaced them in the car. Done!

............and here it is Sunday evening and I still haven't posted this. Another busy day and early out of the house to get started again. By 1000 I'm back in the house and showering and getting out of my crummy work clothes and into a fresh pair of shorts and t shirt. I plan on staying dry for the rest of this day. Carrie called for me to go get her and she spent most of the afternoon in the house with me. She now knows how to operate the iPad better then I. That's because I haven't got to spend much time with it.

I don't think I mentioned it here in this blog but the husband bought me an iPad yesterday for our anniversary. It's a thin sliver of electronics made by Apple. Apple doesn't call their computers PC's. They don't have an OS of Windows. I can slip this into my purse and take it anywhere there is WiFi and get online. Easy and lightweight to carry, it's the perfect traveling companion. Carrie is enthralled with the gaming aspect of it.

June 14th is our anniversary but as the husband is leaving tomorrow after only being home 2 nights, we went out to dinner last night and the iPad was the gift he gave to me.

I'm ready to head for the Rockies already. Usually I'm alright until August here in the south but this year the heat has attacked early and I want out. I've asked the husband to request some jobs in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah or New Mexico. At least the evenings in the Rockies are cool.

It's my bedtime and I'm outta here.

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