Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh no...Not Gumbo! do you to when the temperatures reach a steamy 97 degrees? Well, here in southwest Louisiana we DO NOT cook gumbo. Since I've been hanging around in this state only since 1993, I figure I can break the rules. Not being a true Cajun girl, I gathered together all the ingredients and heaped it in a large Magna Lite pot and set it to simmer.

As the fragrances melded together, the sweet smell of onions, bell pepper and roux flushed the rooms with an aroma that makes the saliva rush from their glands.
Hours from now it will be served over rice. I'm waiting.

I won't be announcing to the neighbors what is on my menu. It's sacrilegious to cook a gumbo in this weather. Sometime today, I will put together a potato salad. Synonymous with gumbo, a big dollop is dropped onto the gumbo that has been dished out into a serving bowl.

Yesterday it was crawfish etouffe and today gumbo. I'm having an "en vie" for some cajun food. Tomorrow i may cook up a "chili verde" and be off into a Tex Mex menu.

Carrie is at her father's house this weekend. I delivered her to Lydia yesterday afternoon. She was excited, as usual, about visiting with her dad. We took the roadster and adjusted the vents toward our faces and switched the A/C to full power and cruised.

Today was a day free from babysitting. I thought that was to be the case but early this morning the phone ringing was to request that I keep Louie so he wouldn't have to be tied up all day. He is stretched out on the rug in the living room, eyes closed and napping. Most of the morning he has been on the patio in the shade. He's a dog. Dogs can stay outside in the shade with a big bowl of water. Louie thinks that idea sucks. He is able to stand on his hind legs on the patio and put his paws on the door lever and turn it to open the door. After expending that much effort, I acquiesce to letting him stay inside for a while. 

While the gumbo is simmering and Louie is comfortable on the rug, I'll take advantage of this quiet time and with remote control in hand, I'll take a little siesta. I'm pacing myself here. I don't want to over rest.

......and I'm gone. 


  1. im ready for the Green Chile!!!

  2. Sounds like a good plan.


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