Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday and Home

We packed the roadster but not before we placed Carrie in the shotgun seat. With her snacks, and groceries packed under her feet and our cold drinks tucked in beside her booster seat, the "almost trunk" lined around the edges with more groceries, we headed to Lydia. Carrie was on her way to visit her dad  until Sunday.

As we lay in bed the night before her leaving, I asked if she would miss me. "Nope" she answered. I say "Well, I'm gonna miss you!" to which she answered, "No Nana, now you can take a nap." I felt badly about her comment as I know I've said when she has been with me in the daytime and I've eyed that bed for a nap "Well, I wish I could take a nap." I didn't have to indicate that she was the reason I couldn't take a nap. She is very astute. You don't have to hit her over the head with a board for her to pick up on what is going on around her. I've promised myself that when she gets back, I'll never make that comment again. I can't handle a lot of guilt and her comment zinged right to my guilt center.

My plan today is to stay indoors and watch the Casey Anthony trial. I've missed it all of this week. Too much going on around here. It's going to be trials and naps today.

This is so off track but titillating none the less. 10 years ago I put a new dishwasher in this house and for the past 10 years it has served as a drain rack. I attempted to put it to use soon after I had it installed but found if  I didn't wash everything before running it through that dishwasher, the dishes were never cleaned.

Last week we pitched it out and had another installed. If you need a dishwasher and need an opinion on one that will actually clean them, give me a ring. Kitchen Aide is the far.

This ad was endorsed and paid for by joking about the ad thing!

Shower time...

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