Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trippin to Galveston and the Space Center/Houston

The daughter thinks I'm a bad influence on the child. Teaching her all the words to songs by Cher and listening to her belt out the tunes is a bit embarrassing to her.

Grabbing a tube of sun tan lotion to use as a microphone, Carrie sang to the CD that played as we headed to Texas. April, in the back seat held a spray bottle of car air freshener to her lips as she sang along with us and I was holding a small round metal container.  With a sign of relief at the last song, she demanded we pop that CD out of the player and turn on more appropriate music for Carrie of the twenty first century. Meanwhile, Ted was hiding beneath a blanket. He didn't want to play and was surely not going to learn any Cher songs.

We approached the Boulvair Ferry and waited in line until our turn to board. The sea gulls followed the boat for bread thrown to them from the passengers at the back. Tankers were speeding along with speed boaters racing alongside them. The port is a busy place. 4  Ferries transport people back and forth from the mainland to the island and each trip, they are fully loaded. 

Disembarqing on the Galveston side, we headed to NASA to hang out for a while. This is not a tour I would recommend highly. We eventually left the fun house part of it and stood in line for a tram that loaded us aboard and headed to the command center where a guide seated us in the tiered seats for a view of that scene we've all seen many times on TV. The one of Mission Control with their banks of computers and big screens that show photograghs of the  launch.

By the time we were finished with this part of our visit, Carrie was hot, tired and cranky. She sat in the tram with her head in my lap, her face flushed bright red and her eyes closed until we returned to home base. All she wanted to know was when we would be going to the hotel.

Next stop was the hotel where she roused herself to say "No Nana. I'm not tired. I want to go to the pool."

We talked Ted into taking her while we unpacked and got organized in the room.

By 2200 hrs. everyone was asleep. Wet bathing suits decorated the shower rod in the bathroom, dripping chlorine water into the tub. Towels were hung up to dry for use in the morning and all bodies were tucked into bed. Carrie lasted for a few minutes of snuggling with me before I heard a deep sigh, a yawn and she was gone for the night.

Another two cups of coffee here in the dining room and I'll be heading back to the room to start packing.
As long as everyone is laughing, I'm sure they are having a good time. Galveston and the beach today. Tomorrow the water park.
I'm gone.

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  1. We grandmothers are allowed a little bad influence aren't we? That's half the fun and why there's always that special bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

    Sounds like you're having a great time!


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