Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Plan Is.................

It's quiet....blessed quiet. I'm sitting here at the breakfast bar sipping on a cup of morning brew, the TV tuned to CNN while I catch up on Internet stuff. I'm multitasking and I've been multitasking all week.

The daughter is working and not as usual, at home. She has to actually go to the office this past week so I'm the designated baby sitter. I think Carrie thinks she lives here now. She won't go home.

The daughter was going to be late getting home last evening and Carrie had a game. Of course her uniform was at her house. We had to run down there and pick her things up, collect Ted and take him to get something to eat and then we were all back to my house to get dressed. The team was having their pics taken today so she had to be there earlier.

Add that to my day of shopping for foods to take on our trip and getting clothes packed along with electronics that are a must have, I've had a busy past few days.

We are headed to Texas City, Texas and the comfort of a Comfort Inn there. We will leave here in a few hours and when we arrive in Texas City, we will just zoom on by and go directly to the Johnson Space Center. Touring it should swallow up some time and that might take us right up to check in time at our hotel. The kids will head to the pool and I'll soak up some air conditioning and bed time in the room.

101 degrees here yesterday and the little kids were sweat soaked and red faced on that ball field. I don't think any of us wanted to be there. We thought for a moment the other team was going to forfeit as they only had 5 players to show up. We played. We sweated and we moved the players out onto the field as quickly as possible.

One more game. Next Tuesday will be the last game. I won't go into a rave about it but suffice it to say, I'm relieved!

Our little vacation this weekend will extend until Tuesday morning. After visiting the Space Center, we will head to Galveston the next day. Our home there will be a Holiday Inn across from the sea wall. Monday will be spent at the Schiltterbahn and Tuesday morning we will head home. What was I thinking? It's hot. I've changed my plans on the time spent at the Schiltterbahn. It's open until 2000 hrs. My new plan? We can go at 1500 hrs and stay until it closes. The temperatures may drop a few degrees toward the evening hours and many of the day people will have given up and escaped back to their hotels. I'm hoping this is how it plays out.

It's daylight now. I'm off to soak the flowers and hope they survive until I return.

Here's hoping for a great weekend for us.

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  1. Sounds like it will be great fun. Have a lovely time xx


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