Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Bit of Everything..

I can't post comments to others who blog on this site. I've tried for weeks now only to find nothing has changed and I'm still not allowed . After being hacked on my Discover Card, I'm wondering if someone is messing with my blog account.

I say this "tongue in cheek" as I hardly believe there would be anyone that could find an advantage in hacking in to this blog. The only thing to steal would be letters arranged into words that stream into sentences that hopefully do that in some semblance of order.

I suspect that Blogger is having some issues or doing some housekeeping and their programmers have left a switch open or closed one or some other typo in the program that has left me unable to post a comment.

Ayak, I am reading your Blog, Buffalo..interesting as usual and I always read Pearl and Fragrant Liar who just did a post that had me laughing our loud while sitting here alone. If you make it to her site, read the one about wearing the Spankx..the body suit to give your body a "smooth look". Truly a funny woman!

We went to the theatre to see Mr Popper's Penguins and Carrie loved the penguins. This is her Play Doh expression!
I spend the evening with Carrie and Play Doh. She had 4 colors of Play Doh that came with a baking kit I bought for her. Those four colors dried out after a few weeks so I picked up a package of twenty four colors the last time I was in Walmart. I wish I could explain to you the joy this caused Carrie. She can't let them alone and does not want to go home and leave them. They stay here because, as most mothers, hers won't allow Play Doh in her house. I know it makes a mess but I am prepared to clean it up. She sits at the 12ft. granite counter to do her art with it so cleanup isn't bad. Cars, penguins, flowers, houses, hearts and a long list of other things roll off her hands and onto the counter top. She can sit for hours with this stuff so I say it's worth every dime I paid for it!

Last night I cleared off the glass top coffee table so she would be close by me while she worked her magic on that stuff. She was fighting to keep her eyes open when I suggested we pick it all up and put it away. She was ready to go to bed but not ready to help pick up her mess. I insisted she help though she kept telling me how tired she was. I'm usually too lenient with her and I'm ever grateful that the daughter keeps her in line. She has to learn that 'no means "NO" and the daughter always follows through on what she threatens or promises, depending on which way you want to look at it. I watch Casie Anthony and wonder if her parents followed through.

I try to remember that setting limits and saying "no" is and following through is the best thing I can do for Carrie right now.

I'm off to get a shower, water some flowers and take Carrie to see Cars 2 in 3D!!!

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