Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have to admit to my life of deceit. Today was not my day to water the lawn. I water on even days. The water police watch and will pounce upon your lawn should you ignore your allowed day and jump the rails to find yourself losing control. So I sneak outside around 0430hrs. and crank up the sprinkler. Since I'm illegally sprinkling, I do it quickly. Just a quick little drink for the green blades of grass that haven't totally toasted in the furnace blast from the day before. 

This morning I sprinkled and was back in the house to be found on the sofa with laptop in lap and typing up a storm. Ah...a storm. How nice that would be.

Soon Carrie awakens and stumbles into the room. Hair hanging in her face, she finds me and climbs up to sit on my lap. She has forgotten the excitement of last night when we were getting ready for the visit from the tooth fairy.

I cuddled her for a few minutes then mentioned casually the lipstick kiss above her right eye. She slid down off my lap and danced over to the mirror already anticipating what she would find. As soon as she took a look, she went racing back to the bedroom to look beneath her pillow. Soon she was back with the little purple pouch and waving her  'dollar' that was left to her by the tooth fairy. We examined the Tooth Fairy book and found another lipstick kiss. I could almost see the mental images flying across her brain of the fairy that had visited and left a trail for her to find.
Ah, to be five years old again. The next best thing to being 5 is being able to watch a 5 year old as she discovers her world again and again.

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