Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday and Tuesday

First off...yes damnit..this is your warning that I'm about to discuss the weather.

Standing in the yard with the water hose clutched in my hand, I placed my thumb over the end of the hose causing the water to exit in a fan like spread. Just a little water for the flowers this morning I thought.

What's that? A few drops of moisture, not from the hose but from the sky? I looked at the sidewalk and sure enough, there were raindrops falling. I quickly shut off the water and stood to watch the rainfall. There wasn't any rainfall to see. Just those few drops and it was over. I watched as the dark cloud moved quickly past and then turning around I began the walk back to my house. 
Hours pass and I am in the roadster with the top down and in the middle of town when a splatter of raindrops hit the windshield. Not willing to be made a fool of this time, I kept driving. The raindrops didn't stop so I changed lanes through the traffic and scooted into a parking lot where I leapt from the car and popped the trunk to get the rag top out and up. The rain poured. I slid back into my seat and rolled up the window, my clothes damp and my hair a little more then damp. It's been months since we've seen rain so being damp was a pleasant feeling.

As soon as the downpour ceased, I moved back into traffic and hurried home. One mile before my house, the rain had stopped and there was no sign that it had ever rained on this side of town. The ground was as parched now as it was earlier this morning. I was looking forward to naturally watered green grass and a drop in the temperatures of late. Not so.

Another day and again I'm waiting. Today it rained. It rained, stopped and rained again. For the next 5 days we should be able to look forward to more rain and cooler temperatures. As soon as the ground is properly saturated and the rain stops, the sun will again make it's appearance and the humidity will go off the scale.

I'm looking forward to winter. Nuff said.

I'm going to go bake some brownies.

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  1. In case you're wondering, it is raining and 60 degrees here.


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