Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tired and Sleepy

I'm tired. That chocolate milk that was spilled in the floorboard of the Grand Marquis was beginning to smell like Casey Anthony's car.
Alright, maybe I shouldn't make that reference. Watching the trial just makes me angry and sad. I tune in and tune out and back in again but I don't sit glued to the set all day watching. Every evening I can tune in and catch the summary of what when on and that's good enough for me.

I shampooed the carpets in that car after Carrie left yesterday afternoon. I don't use shampoo when I do carpets. Hot clear water works well and a rinse with some Downey fabric softener leaves it smelling fresh. Soap attracts dirt hence my decision not to use it when shampooing rugs.

I was back out on the patio this morning doing more cleaning and I still haven't washed the exterior. I'm tired. I need a nap and I'm trying to figure out how I can talk Carrie into laying down with me.

The hubby is trying to get his charge ticket signed and he is on location waiting on someone to sign for the work he just completed and 12 hrs after that happens he should be home. He may get to stay home a couple of days before he heads out for another job in Oklahoma. It appears that he will be busy this year. As I tell him "One of us has to work and it's best that it's you!"
"Best for who?" he counters. I just smile and walk away.


Carrie is at her house, the husband made it back home at 2100 hrs. last night and I've been up since 0430. It might be a long day today. I sneaked outside and watered the flowers by the light of the street lamps. One daily chore down and one that won't have to be done in full sunlight. I'm avoiding outside time as much as possible in the daylight. I have all this wonderfully cool air that we pay to have belching out of the a/c unit. Why would I want to be outside in all that heat?

I'm going to stretch out on the sofa and be very quiet until the husband wakes up. He needs to get some rest before he is called back out and I need to not be up this early!

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