Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Little About Nothing

Carrie comes back into town tonight. I whine about not being able to get anything done when she is around but then I realized I don't get anything done when she is gone either. I'm not going to post a word about the weather; suffice it to say 'nothing has changed since the last post.'

Nascar races are being shown on one of the channels but not the one I've chosen to watch. I entered into the movie I'm watching after it had been playing for an hour and I still chose to sit here and watch it knowing I missed not a few minutes of the start of it but a whole hour. My daugher, a dedicated movie buff and a niece of the same ilk would never have watched a movie that they weren't in on right from the start. One day in conversation, my daughter discovered that I do that and she was appalled and I do believe, a little horrified that anyone would watch a movie with an hour missing. I've tried to stop doing it and usually I can skate right on by a movie that has been "in progress" for an hour. Today I didn't care so I reverted back to old habits.

I have absolutely nothing going on in my life right now and I'm not at all bored or dissastified with that situation. The weather, which I'm not going to mention, prohibits my desire to leave the house. Books and television and the internet are enough to entertain and should that become intolerable I can always find some windex and some soapy water and do a little cleaning. I suspect the first three things I mentioned will keep me entertained and occupied so well that I won't have to resort to reddened hands from soapy warm water.

It's now 2100 hrs and I just came in from sprinkling the lawn.  My water bill is frightening so I've cut back on how much I do. I'm almost ready for a hurricane to get here to dump some water over my crusty brown grass.

I'm off to find a pair of pajamas and slip beneath the sheets. I'll be back in a few days or even sooner should something entertaining fall into my life. If not, my goal is to beat the heat by hiding out in my house this week.

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  1. Happy Fathers Day Mom ... You were the best!


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