Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TF 20.00

She hurried here tonight because it was time. Through the hot night air she floated on the air currents, tipping her wings from side to side. In her gold and white dress with threads that picked up the moonlight and glowed irredescent, she flew through the night.

To the window and bending over and holding her wings to her, she slipped beneath the sill and entered the room. Standing for a moment on that window sill, she looked around the room, her eyes settling on the  huge king size bed. Among the pillows at the head of that bed laid a little head, the body concealed beneath the blankets.  The waist length hair had been pulled back and held by a clasp away from the child's face.
She bent down beside the bed and planted a kiss above the little girl's right eye. The little girl, when awakening in the morning would see the bright red lipstick left from this kiss and know the tooth fairy had once again made her visit and collected the tooth she had lost today.

This is the Tooth Fairy book....note the little purple velvet pouch with the gold tassels in the lower right corner. We remove the pouch from it's plastic case and use it so the tooth fairy can find the tooth easily beneath that pillow.
The little purple velvet pouch with the gold ties and tassels would be pulled from beneath her pillow where she would find the money the fairy had left after removing the  tooth. The note left for the fairy on the fly leaf of the Tooth Fairy Book would be dragged out from beneath the pillows and scanned for signs of the fairy's visit. Another lipstick kiss will be found beside the initials "T.F."

Yes, Carrie lost another tooth today. Any words beginning with an "s" now is delivered with a slight hiss.

I think the tooth fairy overpaid tonight. She had no intention of leaving a twenty but could find nothing smaller in her wallet. Tomorrow I will attempt to trade her five dollar bills for that twenty dollar bill she has in that little purple velvet bag.
Next time I'll be more prepared.
Carrie has a twenty and Nana has zip.

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