Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Air Time

I can't resist. I have to open the door and peek outside even though I know the blast of frigid air awaits me. The brown grass of the lawn resembles stiff uneven whiskers, the ferns in the stone containers  are frozen in place, their fronds immovable and the air that hangs filled with frozen moisture falls noisily onto the driveway.

Yes folks, winter is here again. It shows up for a few days then relinquishes it's hold for a few days while the sun dries out that moisture and warms it to a wonderful 75 degrees.

Here in this part of the USA, we never put away our summer clothes. Usually we are wearing shorts and t-shirts most of the winter except for those few days when the temperatures dip low enough to send us scurrying to the closet that contains the winter clothes.
I have not visited the summer closet one time this year.

My old grey oversized sweat shirt and shabby black sweat pants have been rescued from the winter closet and are cycled from my body into the washing machine, dried and worn day after day. I don't like to shop for winter clothes that get very little use here. Even sleep wear is thin and not of the flannel variety. 

We are housebound for today and tomorrow. A curfew starts at 1800 hrs. to continue until 0600 hrs. tomorrow. Bridges have iced over and much of the interstate has been closed. The basin bridge closure detours traffic north on I49 to get to New Orleans. I've heard New Orleans is expecting snow tonight.

I've pulled up the blinds in the back bedroom and moved the curtains to the side of the floor to ceiling window. I'll perch on the bed in there to watch the weather tonight bypassing the need to open that front door.
Thankfully, this is only for two days. Oh the woes of those living in the northern part of these United States. You have my sympathies!

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