Tuesday, January 7, 2014

No Toe Test needed!

OMGosh..Mardi Gras season is already upon us. Do we just skip right over Valentine's day? It's only January and I still have the Christmas tree and door wreaths sitting boxed up and ready for storage on my patio.

The Mardi Gras flags are being hoisted today. I'll exchange my Christmas wreath with my green, purple and gold Mardi Gras one.
There is a wind chill here of 14 degrees! 27 degrees here and a very slight improvement today and we are all stunned. It's the south for cripes sake and we are not supposed to get this cold.

Tuesday: Another cold morning but one where I will be leaving this house to take Carrie to school this morning. Yesterday afternoon we went to the nail salon for our pedicures. Carrie was so looking forward to this. She loves doing girly things. The daughter, myself and Carrie sank back into our high backed massage chairs and plunged our feet into extremely warm water. Each one of us opted for different applications. The daughter went for French nails while I did the deep burgundy and Carrie chose black. I tried to dissuade her and suggested a soft pink. She wasn't having any of it although she did do her fingernails in French nails making me one half happy about her decisions. Her mother says "It's her pedicure. She can choose what color makes her happy. Nobody is going to see them but her."
It was after 1900 hrs. before we got home and the temperatures had taken a nose dive with the wind gusting and persuading the weather to feel even colder then it actually was. Had it not been for a "family thing" this having our nails done, I would have opted out on this outing.

I still had to finish the meal of chicken and dumplings when I got home.

Tuesday bedtime: It has been a start and stop on this post. It is now after 2000 hrs. and I'm ready to get some sleep. Getting out of bed at 0330 this morning prohibits me from staying awake a few hours past dusk.
I'm gone. Sleep looks good.


  1. Chicken and dumplings sound good.

    So does 19 above.

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