Sunday, January 12, 2014

Small Goals

Watching the late night talk shows, the guests appearing are unknown to me. Apparently the television I watch is not popular television. We pay for the premium channels or at least the HBO one but  seldom do I check out presentations offered. Watching the awards ceremonies, those same actors and actresses and their shows are taking all the awards. I feel out of step. I'm rectifying that situation by playing "catch up" by using "On Demand" or Netflix, if the show is cancelled now,  to watch the past shows in selected series.

Watching some of these series is after they have been taken off the networks.

Breaking Bad was the first selected. I was hooked. I watched all the episodes on Netflix as it was not being shown on "On Demand". Next on my list was a show called "Girls". A quirky show about 20 somethings, their life in New York. This is not a show that one can compare to Sex and The City. I've now watched the past two seasons and am ready for the current show that will be on tonight.
I've also watched some decades old movies that I missed as I've never been one to sit quietly for long so movie watching was never a big event in my life.
Today I watched Pulp Fiction. I have Reservoir Dogs started on Netflix. I really should not be gorging on TV. A house guest is expected here next week. I should be tidying up around here a bit.

The husband's nephew from Arizona will be visiting. This is his first trip to Louisiana and his first trip OUT of
Arizona. We want to give him the "tour" and make sure he has a good time. There is plenty to see and do around here and the weather, if it cooperates and stays "normal for this time of year", should allow us a weekend in New Orleans.

It's time to get dressed and ready to go out to dinner. Neither one of us can decide on where to go. We might have to drop names in a hat and blindly pick a place.

The weekend is nearing an end and I'll be back to chauffeuring Carrie to school tomorrow morning. I don't mind doing this as we have our morning conversations, questions and answers time. I enjoy these.
I'm done here and on my way.

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