Monday, January 13, 2014

It's Monday and Time to Start All Over Again

My routine is once again fortified. It was out of bed and to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. While waiting for it, I quietly washed the few dishes waiting for me in the sink. They will wait there for me for days if necessary. The husband is NOT big on getting his hands in dishwater. I don't complain as I have an aversion to cooking which he enjoys so I figure it's a "wash" , so to speak and pun intended, on the chores we do. I don't think he considers cooking a chore as I do.

We have a temperature of 61 degrees at 0700 hrs.! I don't have to warm the car up this morning but I did have to pop the trunk and crawl into it to reach the market umbrella I have stashed there. While doing this, of course, I got drenched by the downpour around me. I think the thunder started at 0300 hrs. this morning and though the thunder is gone, the rain remains.

I like the rainy days. On the drive to the school this morning, a big black late model SUV was on it's side on the left side of the road and on the right was another vehicle , on it's side with the hood popped. Yes, ma'm. It's raining here in Louisiana. I shudder to think of these drivers on snowy roads. Slowing down in bad weather on rain slicked hydroplaning roads is not something they consider. I try to stay off the roads  when it's what they consider 'bad weather'.
The police officer was arriving with lights flashing as we entered the scene. Traffic was slowed and the staff at the school were assisting the car riders long after the tardy bell sounded.

I hurried home planning to stay behind the barrier of my house doors and, hopefully, out of harm's way. It's a good day to bake a cake and try a new recipe for dinner. I must get busy finding that recipe so the husband will have something to do too.

Clinically speaking: After two months post op, I no longer have the burning sensation on the posterior side of my right arm. It receded slowly until there was just a small area that tingled in the axillary area but that too has gone. I still feel a small amount of tightness when I raise that arm above my head. The tight band feeling around my chest has ceased a lot but I can still feel it. Pain is at a level zero. I still have difficulty getting a full night of uninterrupted sleep. I can't attribute this to surgery. I think I need to get more exercise.
I'm done here. It's movie time!

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