Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday, with Thursday Looming

We are moving up. Up to more normal temperatures. I don't remember being cold in the house even when we lived in Wyoming. I know this house is insulated as we did the insulating ourselves. New windows and doors, attic insulation and walls, all done to help with the a/c bills and to add comfort to living in this house. Then why am I feeling so cold in here. The thermostat is set at 73 degrees and the windows are draftless. I still need a thin blanket when lounging around. I think it comes from living so far south for so long. I'm just not accustomed to cold temperatures and usually we only endure a day to two and then it's back to what we term "normal for this time of year." I'm not in a hurry to revisit summer quite yet. Actually, I prefer the winters here.

I watched as a neighbor pulled his truck out onto the street from his driveway. He then put it in park and climbed out on the running board to scrape ice off his windshied; a sight you don't see often here. Yes, ma''s what "we" call "cold".

Tomorrow I have an appointment for a CT scan and to get dotted and marked for the radiation treatments. Stepping on down this path, toward 30 days of radiation treatments and even before the end of these, I will find out what the oncologist doctor has in store for me. I'm sure it's more chemo, either by mouth or IV. I'm just hoping what she orders won't take my hair again. I actually have hair. It barely touches the tops of my ears. I'll think it's really long when it reaches my ear lobes. I have entertained the thought of keeping it "ear lobe" length. Maintaining it would be a breeze. Do I really need hair that needs a lot of attention?  As it is now, I seldom wear a wig when I go out and if I'm wearing a hat it's because it's cold and not to hide my head condition. I never get a second look; I'm not sure people even pay attention. As long as I have eyeliner and brow pencil, a touch of lip stick and a fragrance, I feel dressed and up for anything. Speaking of hair, the chin whiskers are now demanding notice along with the hair on my legs. Yes, things are returning to normal in the hair department here.
I'm on my way to collect Carrie from school this afternoon so I'm going to catch an hour's nap before it's time to go.
That will be two times that I will be out of this house today. Had I had the opportunity to stay indoors I would have been appreciative!
I'm cold. I'm beneath a blanket and I'm almost asleep!

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