Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ah Warmth Once Again

I peeked at the clock and noted it was 0630 and time to dress and warm up the car for the trip to the school with Carrie.
I checked the temperatures and was pleasantly pleased to note it was 48 degrees this early in the morning! By noon I should be back in flip flops!

As usual, I rang the daughter's phone to make sure she was out of bed and getting Carrie ready for school. She was running late so I offered to fix her lunch and breakfast. I work best when stressed. Dumping chicken noodle soup into a pan on the stove, flipping the water control on and letting it run until the water heats up to warm the thermos for the soup, I headed for the car to start it up. By the time I got back, the soup was boiling and the thermos was filled with hot water which got dumped out and the soup dumped in,lid tightened up and off to the fridge to get the ham and mayo for her sandwich. Grabbing those fixins, I popped open the freezer side to get the chicken nuggets. The nuggets were heating in the microwave while I cut the crust off the bread, placed the ham and slathered the bread with mayo. Into it's plastic container went the sandwich and out of the microwave came the nuggets. The aluminum foil wrapped the nuggests in two separate packets. One would be Carrie's breakfast along with a container of milk I would pack for her to have on the way to school. Everything went into her lunch box and I even remembered to pack a spoon, a napkin and a bottle of water!

I should have set a stop watch on this marathon. She was in school in plenty of time. That was a very productive 1/2 hour.

This morning I'm watching the governor of New Jersey defend himself and as usual, his staff made big decisions without his knowledge. If this is a defense, then who is in command of his staff. A lame defense on his part and a typical politician.

My appointment is at 1400 hrs. today. The emotional roller coaster will start and so will the countdown until this treatment is over. 6 weeks of Monday through Friday treatments consisting of 20 minutes of zapping. I hope that room is kept warm. I wonder if I will be allowed to keep most of my clothes on? ....bring a blanket?....

I have a plan. Hopefully I can schedule my treatment for 0830 hrs. I can still take Carrie to school in the morning and go directly to the Cyber Knife Center. That will leave me open to be available to pick her up after school should her mother be unable to make that pickup. I will also be available throughout the day in the event Carrie gets sick and needs to be picked up. That's my hope anyway!

I will know the answers to these questions after my appointment today.

I'm off to get some house chores done.

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