Thursday, January 2, 2014

1/1/2014 done on 1/2/2014

I knew it was New Year's Eve. I felt not one inclination to get dressed up and head to a party. I've passed the stage where waking up with a hangover is something I want to cope with. Hanging out with a bunch of inebriated folks is another thing I avoid. Going out to a bar is something we stopped doing years ago when the bouncers at the bars, hired for that one night of muscle, became so intent on flexing said muscle and badgered the patrons hoping for a rumble. The bouncers were more dangerous then the patrons of the night.

I think a lot of people now celebrate at home by watching a good movie and some popcorn. The fear of losing one's life on the roads if not by some over zealous bouncer equals the home celebrations or maybe it's just the fact that my age and those of friends and acquaintances cloud my survey of this situation?

I discovered a wonderful TV series on Saturday. A marathon of Breaking Bad was airing for New Years Eve and I settled in to watch a few episodes of this series that I had heard people raving about. Be aware, this series is no longer being filmed. It's run has ended. I settled in to watch about half way through the pilot. After a few episodes I was hooked. My reasoning for stopping the viewing of the presentation offered on this marathon. I decided to check out Net Flix and dial in to the pilot episode since I had started watching about midway and then watch all the episodes that follow. For two days I watched nothing but the Net Flix offerings. When I get to the final season and the eight episodes offered, three days had passed with me watching TV non stop. New Years came and went with me glued to the television.
The final episode! Number eight! I was crushed by the lousy ending. The husband, who had been watching along with me was puzzled by the less then stellar ending to a stellar show.
Me? I, of course went to the web to see what others were saying about this. Reading the comments, I realized there was more. More episodes that were not offered by Net Flix. Viewers were complaining about the final EIGHT episodes that were missing! You can imagine my displeasure after spending three days of non stop viewing to find I might have to wait a year for Net Flix to get the approval to add those episodes?  NO! Unacceptable, so I kept surfing.

I found a link with some information. I could view those final 8 episodes if I were in Great Britain and on Net Flix. My problem, that goes without saying though I will, is that I'm NOT in Great Britain. Ah, but not to worry. Right there on the web was the answer to my problems. I read and took notes. It seems, and I'm here to verify, if you download Google chrome and open an app called "HOLA", you can then turn it "ON" and change your location to GR (Great Britain) and this allows one to view Net Flix from a GR ip.  I held my breath and followed instructions and much to my dismay, it worked! Right there in front of me was another whole wasted day of watching those final episodes and that's exactly how I spend January 1, 2014! I had a wonderful New Year's Day and if this success was a portent of things to come in 2014, I shall be grateful.

Much success and happiness in the coming year.
Clinically: (It's time for a clinical report)
The incision sites are healed. I can move my arms in full range of motion. The burning sensation has all but disappeared from the right axillary area. That area remains devoid of sensations. My hair is growing back. In another month I will just appear as a "trendy" sort with my pixie "doo" that I'll spike upward to carry on the illusion.
I have an appointment with the radiation oncologist this Friday to set up the appointments for the radiation therapy. I'll know more after that meeting.

Happy New Year to One and ALL! and that's my first posting for this New Year.

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