Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 3 of Radiation

The huge round "eye" hovers above my body. It's stationary for a time then very slowly it rotates around my body to the left. My body had to remain in the same position as when the markings were done on my chest, so my head had to be turned to the left. I can see the "thing" in my line of vision. Suddenly it reaches the end of it's rotation and starts back. I can still watch it until it reaches the right side of my body where, because of my head position, it disappears from sight. I have watched the dotted green line of light that dissects that "eye" and I'm assuming it's part of the "alignment" and soon I hear that slight hum. Again it hums. That's twice and the tech appears soon after to help me sit up from the skinny slice of table I am lying on. It's over. Thirteen minutes total time and I'm finished for the day and off to the dressing room to shed my gown and slip into my oversized huge warm sweatshirt.

Yesterday I requested my time be changed. I take Carrie to school in the mornings and I want to go directly from delivering her to school and then to the Cyber Knife Center for the 'treatment'.  For the past treatments, I drive back to my house to wait for two hours.  I prefer to get this done all at once and as early as possible. I will have the remainder of the day to do as I wish which lately has been parked indoors away from our chilly temperatures. It was a pleasant 42 degrees at 0500 hrs. this morning so I'm assuming this present cold front has moved on through.

The husband's friend called yesterday from New Orleans. During their conversation, he mentioned that he still has the apartment on Bourbon and we were welcome to use it. It is up for sale and empty. I mentioned to the husband about going to New Orleans this weekend and his response was "Have you seen what the weather is going to be?"
Apparently it is going to be rainy and cold. I'll pass.

I don't have to warm the car up this morning. Portends of a good day here in Southwest Louisiana!
I'm done here.  

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