Friday, January 10, 2014


It was so warm I really didn't need to wear a jacket or hat. We made my appointment with the Cyber Knife Center. I just like saying "Cyber Knife Center" because it sounds like something out of an action or syfy movie don't you think?

A short wait and then I was escorted back to a dressing room where my shirt was the only thing that had to be removed. The tech was so impressed with how fast I can be in that gown. I share with her that being braless saves a lot of time dressing and undressing.

Onto the table, I lay very still while she postions and marks with ink, lines that will be used to line up the machine. Photos were also shot and placed in my chart for future reference for other techs that would be rotating and doing my treatments. The last thing done was the tattooing of the small freckle like dots in 5 areas over my chest and rib cage.
The tech was very kind and attentive. She loves her job and it shows. The equipment in this facility is state of the art and the only one in Louisiana. She said it was a new type of machine for this application and the hospital had decided to invest in it on it's release for use.

Back to the dressing room to slip back into my shirt, grab my purse and then to the waiting room where the husband waited. We had one more stop to make.

The CT scan was scheduled to be done immediately following the marking. Another 15 minutes of lining up and measuring the markings and then I was slid into the machine. Once forward and backward for the views and I was finished. As the tech said, the lining up of the markings took up most of the time.

In 5 to 7 days I will receive a call from the doctor and the treatment plan she will have developed for me.

The whole thing took about 2 hours. One stop on the way home to get dinner fixings, a prescription filled and back to the house for a nap. Naps. Something I seem to be doing a lot of recently. I'm not getting my sleep at night so I take naps during the day.

Today? Well, the temperatures are reaching close to 70 degrees. We are going to try a new place for lunch and hopefully we can dine at an outside table in the sunshine. Scratch the sunshine part. I just looked outside and realized the rain forecast is making it's appearance. An inside lunch will be just an enjoyable.
I'm done here.

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