Monday, January 20, 2014

Genie Help

A reprieve for me. Since it's a holiday, I won't be starting the radiation treatments until tomorrow. I know this has to be done and I also know for the next 30 days I will have to show up to the Cyber Knife Center to get "zapped". I'll put on a gown to make my upper body accessible but will be able to wear my sweat pants. For 20 minutes I'll have radiation waves administered to my right chest wall. Most people that have this done report side effects that are minor and are not hampered from reporting to their jobs immediately following this procedure. My neighbor went every morning for 30 visits before work. Hopefully, redness of skin and a 'tanned' looking area will be the most I get although toward the end of treatment, fatigue has been reported by some patients.  I try to read about this online to be prepared for the worst. That's me..ever the pessimist. I prepare for the worst and hope for the best thereby avoiding severe disappointment.

Yesterday was  spent watching the 4 teams compete for who will play in the Super Bowl this year. It looks like the Broncos and the Seahawks.

I don't intend to stay in the house today. It is supposed to edge up into the 70's. I want to get out of doors before another cold front  heads this way. Usually the weather passing through the western states do not create a strong front that pushes down into our state. This year has been quite different in that respect. Those clippers have been stronger then usual and we are feeling the effects of every one of them.
My shopping spree a few days netted me 3 new bras. I had just emptied the drawers of the bras I wore pre MX and there was two drawers that were emptied. Going braless is a treat. The downside of this is clothes expect the wearer to have a bosom. I don't want to go get the prescription filled for the prosthetic bra. Besides being expensive, which my insurance company would pay for, the reports I have heard on them is they are heavy and hot. My information comes from a space on the internet called; a forum that is used by women with the diagnosis of the same. In deference to the information there, I purchased 3 Genie Bras. I will be following instructions on making a "filler" from micro beads and bathing suit fabric that will fit into the insert spaces in thse bras. I gave them a trial run and the bras are comfortable. Stuffed with two pair of the husbands "at the ankle" socks, there was just enough "boob look" to have blouses and shirts hang as they should. If not for the fit of clothing, I would totally revel in having a flat chest. I'm almost spoiled by not having hair. The time saved in dressing without putting on a bra, and not having to dry and style hair is amazing! I can get showered and dressed as fast as the husband now. I never hear the husband exclaim "What? You aren't ready to go YET?"

My hair is growing back and quickly now. I actually used shampoo yesterday instead of a wet facecloth. I'm looking forward to spiking it with some of the husband's hair gel.

I'm off today to look for some micro beads and some bathing suit fabric. I'll drag out my sewing machine and make some "fillers" for my Genies.

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