Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 3; Radiation Oncologist

Another cold morning inspired me to crank up the car and let it warm up before I headed off to the store to get some creamer for our coffee. The husband stays in bed, while I'm up and out of the house and to the market at 0500. It's the best time to shop. There is almost no body in the stores and I can zip down the aisles and out of the store to the front row parking spot that was available upon my arrival. Except for the chill in the air, marketing early is the only way to go.
Back home, I dumped the creamer and the English muffins on the breakfast bar and headed for the shower. I have a doctors' appointment at 0900 hrs. It's shower time! I can be in and out of the shower and dressed in record time and ready to go since I don't have to worry about a hair style. I have one style and it's a wash and wear one. It is now long enough to pinch between my fingers. Soft as a puppy's fur, it  outlines my face. My face now has a stopping point. I can no longer be described as "she has a "high forehead", something usually reserved for commenting on a man with a very receding hairline.

The Cyper Knife Center is my destination. Did the person or the group providing a name for this facility realize how discomforting that name is to patients? 

We settled into our seats in the waiting room after notifying the front desk that we had arrived. Soon the "lady with the clipboard" arrived and requested my signature in three places. I'm sure I was signing my promise to pay. That always comes first when you enter any health care unit.

A short wait and we were ushered to the back where we took up residence in a small clean room. Two chairs and an exam table on one side while a small black stool and a computer claimed the opposite wall.

The doctor approaching this office could have substituted for a model. A tall slim long legged blonde strode down the hall and into our exam room. She held out her hand and introduced herself. Hand shakes and names were exchanged and she took her seat on that small round black swivel stool.
My emotions always run wild each time I enter back into the world of chemo, cancer and more tests. I was teary as usual and immediately informed this doctor to just ignore my tears and continue on with her job. This emotional exhibit appears to be something I can't control so I just go with it now. It only happens on exam days when I have to fully embrace this diagnosis. A few days from now, I will be able to shuffle it to the small storage space in my brain where I can forget about it for a while.
She explained and answered all our questions. She was very patient and unrushed. I will be called sometime next week with an appointment to have a CT scan. During that time a pin dot tattoo will be placed on my chest wall to guide the rad techs on where to do the radiation. My first tattoo. Maybe I can get them to do a grid of those dots and on boring days we can use my chest wall to play "hang  man".

The granddaughter is very excited.

She said "Hey Nana, if you are getting a tattoo, does this mean I can get one too."

A resounding NO, Lessie. You cannot get a tattoo!"

Elise or "lessie" as we call her has been forbidden to mark her body with ink. She is 24 years old and ink free. Her mother has threatened her with being disowned should she appear with scribblings on her skin. She is subject to do a "raise your shirt so we can check for tattoos" searches.

(*continued on Saturday)
Oh,'s cold. Where are those mild winter days we usually enjoy? At least the roads are dry and the sun is shining and we can look forward to mid 60's today.
It's time to take down the Christmas wreaths from the front of the house. I've been waiting for it to warm up a bit so I can go out in my bare feet. I might have to give up and put on a pair of shoes.
My winter selection of clothes is getting a workout this year. Usually sweaters and jeans are something I barely use so I seldom shop for new winter clothes. I may venture forth today and look for some sales on sweaters and pants and a pair of boots to wear with them. My little slippers worn sockless are just not cutting it this year and I look silly wearing sneakers with a nice pair of dress pants. Even my shoe collection is geared toward summers here.

I'm off to unload the dishwasher and do some morning chores and wait for it to get a little warmer before I step out into the environment.
I'm done here!

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