Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The weekend behind us, I dressed quickly and left the house to pick up Carrie and deliver her to school. I'm leaving a bit earlier only to find I can't leave her until 0725hrs. I have 10 minutes to wait in the line of cars that grow by the minute as parents arrive with their charges.

Tomorrow I planned on leaving my house a little later until I found there would be no school for Carrie. A weather warning of frigid temperatures and icy roads prompted the cancellation of the schools here for the next two day.
My radiation treatment has been cancelled for Tuesday for now and with a possibility of a Wednesday cancellation also. Tuesday was also a scheduled day to see the radiation oncologist along with the oncologist an hour later. Both have been rescheduled. I made sure the rescheduling would be done after the first of the month. Insurance..that's why.

Those visits will be covered by Medicare after the first of February.
Since this morning, the temps have plummeted. The wind is beginning to pick up; the storm is on it's way.

Continued: Tuesday Morning
0530 finds me awake and slipping into a pair of sweat pants and a heavy sweat shirt. As I make my way down the hall, I stop at the thermostat and hit it up a couple of degrees. We turn it down a little at night as the bedrooms get way to warm related to the where the furnace is located in this house. A bathroom stop and a kitchen stop, coffee in hand, my next stop is the front door.

Nothing! It's dry out there but it is cold! I switch on the TV to our local station to see what happened to all that sleet and ice we were supposed to get. It is still on it's way. It's late. This was supposed to start at midnight. We have a curfew in place in anticipation of this storm. The bridges are being salted around town. We have a lot of bridges here. I couldn't make it far from my house without having to cross a bayou and those bridges are the cause of many accidents when they freeze up. Granted, this doesn't happen often. Right now the road department is sanding and salting them. My plans? To stay home! There was over 300 wrecks last Friday from that icing. There isn't anyplace I need to be that jeopardizes my life and my auto insurance.

Additional ambulance service has been commandeered along with all the State Troopers that are being called out to monitor the highways.
My medical appointments have been canceled for today. Along with that, the Cyber Knife Center called again yesterday to cancel me for Wednesday too.
It's time to peek out the door again for a blast of cold air and a check up on the ice/sleet's arrival or not.
Planning on having some safe stay at home time, I'm done here.

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