Saturday, December 28, 2013


Another cold day here. I was going to wait until it became a little warmer before I carted all the Christmas décor from the house to the storage area. I didn't wait. I was up at 0500 hrs., a fresh pot of coffee brewed so between sipping on my coffee, listening to the news, I pulled the ornaments off the tree. Within an hour I had everything gathered up and stashed in the tote, the tree lying on the floor in the dining area waiting to be dragged to the shed.

I'm done for another year.
The remainder of the morning was spent doing a little housework and as soon as the husband rolled out of bed, we did more of nothing.
There is a marathon of the TV series, Breaking Bad. This show neither one of us had ever seen and it was a series that garnered many awards. Not only for it's actors and actresses, but for the story line, it cleaned up at awards time.
We caught the first episode and then stayed sprawled out on the sofas the remainder of the day gorging on more and more of them. This series has been on for 5 years. I don't know where we are right now in the viewing year but we are still watching as I type.
Another series I've watched a few times was The Blacklist. I'm not as enamored of it as I am with this series.

Carrie is crashed out on the sofa. She called and wanted to spend the night. We shot her bow filled with the nerf "arrows", each one of us taking turns hiding beneath a blanket as the shots smacked into the blanket. Carrie would squeal and hide and scream. It was too much fun playing with her.

I'm off to watch more of this show and during commercial break, I'll scoop the child up and take her sleeping self to bed.

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