Monday, November 19, 2012

From carpentry to cooking

The repairs are now but a painful memory. Oh sure, a few thing are left to do and they will get done but all the big stuff that was tedious and time consuming is finished.

We put a queen size bed in Ted's room after painting the walls in a grey/green color. I have to use a bit of restraint in decorating a young man's room. Throw pillows on his bed would have been an annoyance to him. New curtains are hung, a mix of soft green and light brown checks on a cream background, a king size bedspread in the same soft grey green color drapes the bed and covers the sides of the three mattresses that elevate his bed to waist height. During my one day shopping for his room, I found exactly what I wanted in one day. Amazing! Usually I have to hunt for days and days. A 5X8 rug keeps the area in front of his bed and his X Box a warm place for his feet when getting out of bed or sitting in front of that X Box.

For a chest of drawers, I bought a storage unit that is usually used in a garage or a storage shed. It's durable plastic, soft grey with 5 drawers. We moved his clothes from the clothes baskets into this chest and the clothes baskets out of the room. He gained vertical storage and more floor space. I'm happy with the way this room developed. Everything from new walls to fresh paint and furnishings make it a nice space for Ted.

Next week we will concentrate on painting ceilings. While the daughter paints the living room, I will be working on the hall bathroom. Hopefully by Christmas the rooms will be painted and we can clear all of our supplies off the deck where we have stored our supplies while working inside.
I've purchased some clear lights that will be strung across the rafters of the deck. I want to make a winter wonderland for Carrie to enjoy. Reindeer, lights and's the Holidays!
Right now I'm off to the market to purchase Thanksgiving dinner foods and dig out my recipes. 

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