Monday, November 19, 2012

Hunter, Gatherer

If a gun or a trap was needed to snare the bird for the upcoming feast, we would all be eating Spam from a can or noodles courtesy of Mr. Nissan.  Cruising the aisles of Walmart and dodging the other shoppers intend on hunting down each lane and gathering and pitching stuff into their carts has been enough exercise for me.

I never remember that I crawled out of bed at the ungodly hour of 0400 and I really should be a bit tired by 1400 hrs.  I'm staggering around and cursing myself for getting this old and tired.  I need a nap. I need to slow down a bit. I have much to do. I'l slow down after this coming Thursday. That's what I tell myself but I usually have another excuse for ploughing full speed ahead. 

Right now I'm cutting the lights and the laptop. An Ambien is in my very near future!

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