Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I have a personal relationship with my measuring tape .   After years of using a cheap metal tape that when extended over 5 ft, it would begin to seek ground level. This is not good especially if you are working alone.

I treated my self to a Fatty Tape Measure that costs well over 35.00 and it is MY tape with heavy emphasis on the "my". I keep it hidden in my tool carrier. It is never loaned and especially never loaned to the husband. I keep a one in his little shop area so he won't have to ask to borrow mine.

Why am I so stingy?  Cause people just don't take care of things as well as the owner of said item. As sure as it's loaned, it will be returned with a kink in it and it becomes useless to me.

I lost my measuring tape. I was heartbroken. I've been in and out of Home Depot for the past two weeks but when I recreated all those trips in my mind and ran them down the lanes of my memory, there wasn't a place there that caused me to pause and recall carrying my  meauring tape into Home Depot. I then gave my brain the chore of remembering the last time I had used it and immediately my brain rebelled. It knew it was sometime in this latest remodeling project so it knew the tape was at the daughter's house but more specific, my brain just sighed and refused to contemplate further. Occasionally my brain causes me to roll my eyes and bite my tongue. Angry comments, I've found, have no affect on it's memory.

Today I was in a cleanup mode and it was time for the overfilled garbage receptacles to be rolled to the road for pickup by the sanitation department. I bent over to pick up something from the ground and just by happenstance glanced beneath the deck. Nestled in the pine needles, the familiar black and yellow of my tape peeked out at me. Down on hands and knees, I crawled beneath the deck and retrieved my lovely tape.
My afternoon had a special lift to it. I had my tape back. Sometimes it's a special color lipstick, a hair conditioner that works wonders on ones hair and sometimes it's your favorite measuring tape  that lightens up you life. Kewl huh?

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