Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank You so Much for Stopping By

Carrie is snuggled down in the King sized bed, usually where the husband sleeps when he is in town. Carrie sleeps in her bedroom on those occasions. She is beneath both the sheet AND the blanket this morning.
Our mornings are a bit on the chilly side now indicated by Carrie's use of both sheet AND blanket. Carrie is a hot natured child much like me. A little heat is sufficient for her and just a tad more is way way too much. I used to tuck her in after she went to sleep, fitting the blanket and sheet snugly around her body only to find on my final check of her before going to bed, the blanket and the sheet kicked of and sometimes even her gown was missing. When she gets hot, she immediately goes au naturelle.
Today she has selected a movie so this afternoon we will head to the theatre. I don't plan on doing much today or as little as required of me. Tomorrow will bring another day of construction.
There are a few more things that will require a saw and the compressor and nailers. Soon I will be able to pack all those things out of the bedroom Carrie occupies which is right now filled with everything related to this job.
The deck needs presssure washed and the outside of the home needs it. Hopefully, this week it will all get done and the bathroom remodel can get underway.
I'm out of bed much to early again this morning. I may need a nap around noon so I'll look for an early morning showing of the movie Carrie wants to see.
The husband remains in Texas on his job and it looks as though he may be there at least another 3 weeks. The problems have been sorted through and the client is calm. As I'm writing this, my eyelids droop and as my head tilts forward, I do that snap, raise, eyes open and find myself paused in my typing. I assume this means I should stretch out on this sofa and let nature take it's course.
On that note I'm outta here! 

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