Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tree Time

I'm cold. Being cold is good inspiration to collect all the Christmas decorations and the tree from the 'Little House" (storage shed). Sweat streaking down my face and saturating my clothes isn't a vision of sugar plums and reindeer. Living this far south, one has to adjust to warm holidays. Snow won't be ever anticipated for a white Christmas. It's not impossible but it's not probable either.
A corner of the dining area has been cleared of the 6 ft. tall white pedestal. Atop it sits greenery in a huge bean pot. I moved it cautiously to another area of the room. The tree will sit in a non trafficed area. Personally I think it is much too early to put up a tree. It's not even December 1st. Twenty five plus days till Christmas. Can I tolerate a tree for twenty five plus days?
I usually have all my Christmas shopping done at this time. I've decided to wait a while so as to be more "involved" in the holiday. Maybe that's not the wisest move?  No. I'll not wait. I'll just go stroll the mall and enjoy the decorations and watch the harried stressed shoppers safe in the knowledge that all my shopping is done and wrapped.
Now for that tree.........I'll be in the 'Little House" gathering those totes and tree.

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