Tuesday, November 27, 2012

An Itty Bitty Note

I think being healthy might be the death of me. My little battle with breathing a few months back have been mostly resovled; I might be trying to make up for lost time. I was sofa bound for 4 months and Predisone and a few inhalers put me back on track and breathing. I was extremely relieved and ready to move again and I did.
I'm not working on the daughter's home right now. I'm on hiatus. That's when I noticed the baseboards at my house. I've been on a binge. I'm cleaning.  I'm waiting for all those visitors to show up and point and exclaim over the bright shiny look of them. Wait until they get a gander at the overhead fans! I'll be the talk of the town.
You must be thinking I'm a little over tired. You would be right. I'm going to take my little white Ambien and crawl into bed but not until I stand under a hot shower for some long minutes.
I'm gone.

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