Friday, November 9, 2012

Progress and that Light at the End of the Tunnel thing!

I'm so excited and it's such a good feeling. What is causing the rise in my pulse rate? Paint! Simply paint.
For the past six days I leap from my bed (figuratively only) and start preparing Carrie's school lunch, get it packed and then slip into her bedroom and nuzzle her awake. She stretches one arm then the other, arches her back and stiffens her legs. Soon her body goes limp and she rolls to her side, sits up and smiles. She is ready for her morning hug after which she stumbles barely awake into the bathroom. It's her morning ritual. We meet again in the living room where I have her school uniform, ID badge, shoes and socks waiting on the coffee table.
She is already beginning to chatter about something going on in her life. Little girls like to talk. Soon we head to the kitchen counter where she sips her chocolate milk, takes her pill and eats a few dry fruit loops. Carrie is not a fan of an early breakfast and her school lunch is served at 10:30 which is usually the time she is ready for some breakfast. I worry that since she eats so early in the morning, she will be famished by 1500 hrs. We pack a little snack for her for the afternoons.
That's my early morning. As soon as I deliver her to her bus stop, I hurry home to get my supplies for the days work. I have been doing a little carpentry work and some repairs on the daughters home. The wainscoting she installed around her living room and hallway had never had the chair rail installed nor the quarter round that sits on the floor against the walls.
Staining and installing these two things have drastically changed the appearance of this room and it makes me very happy to see it come together. We installed sheet rock to one wall in Ted's bedroom and repaired flaws in the wall with spackling in places and patched sheet rock in others. My goal is to do all the repairs before painting any part of this project. That was yesterday. We have now arrived to the painting part of this project and I'm excited at this portion of the project. I like the decorating part of a makeup and after 6 days, we have arrived!
I have some sanding to do this morning before I begin painting and the daughter has a little sheet rock work to do in her bedroom before she joins me with roller and brush.
During my shopping spree at my Home Depot, the employees know me on sight, I happened down the aisle that has the weather stripping. I added that project to my list of things to do.
Most of my days lately have been spent on this project. I'm tired at the end of my day and usually have missed lunch  so I'm also very hungry.
Although hungry and tired, it's a satisfying feeling to note how much has been accomplished and to see this home change so much after each days work. It keeps me motivated.
All this has not be done alone. The daughter is there everyday measuring and cutting and cleaning up the construction debris. I don't know if she enjoys doing this sort of work as much as I do but she is hanging in there.
It's now time to head to the kitchen and get the mac and cheese in the wide mouth thermos, the potato chips, spoon and napkin and the thermos of milk packed for Carrie's lunch.
It's time for me to make a run to the shed to get my light and sanding blocks to sand that sheet rock that was floated yesterday. Being busy is better then sitting around doing nothing isn't it?
I'll be in the kitchen should you need something.
P.S....Aunt Ev..sorry I had to cut our phone conversation so short. I'll get back to you later today..promise!

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  1. Promising to get back ... isn't that a lot like promising to "do" lunch?


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