Monday, November 12, 2012

Ta DA! Paint!!

Yes siree...finally. We have reached the paint stage in the remodeling process. While the daughter did the trim paint, I rolled the soft grey green paint color on the ceiling. I would have preferred a nice white pristine ceiling but my preferences didn't hold a lot of impact so green it was. The walls, two of them were swabbed with the same brush and both the daughter and myself were satisfied with the results. Even before the paint was dry on the walls we were getting Ted's bed back in place with fresh linens and a warm comforter.
I thought I was done with all the trim work in this room. I had to make a trip to Home Depot to pick up some baseboards, wall trim and some trim for the windows. Tomorrow that room will be the first thing I tackle which should take up most of my morning since all the trim will have to be painted too.
I started at 0730 this morning and shut down around 1600 hrs. Though I was paint spattered, tired and hungry, I forced myself to go to Home Depot to pick up the things I needed to get my goals accomplished tomorrow.
I don't plan on working all day. I have a friend whose husband is in the hospital and as soon as I get a little done on the remodeling, I'll make a visit to the hospital to lend a little emotional support.
I'm exhausted. I literally stumbled into the  shower where I stood and let the hot water kneed the muscles in my back and legs. The weather man says it will be down in the thirties tonight so I donned a pair of warm sweat pants and a t shirt to sleep in. I will be up early to pick up Carrie and sit in the car with her until her bus arrives.
We just aren't used to cold weather here. Those winter months spent in Wyoming have long since been forgotten. We have lived in the south for too long and Carrie has never lived where snow was the norm. I'm headed for the bed and my Ambien. I have another busy day ahead of me.

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