Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkey Dos

I'm clueless as to the adjective following the subject or vice versa in the Spanish language but today was the "dos" or "second" Thanksgiving meal I've cooked in less then 5 days.
The husband was in Kansas and enjoyed a meal of deli sliced turkey with mayo on bread. There aren't any holidays in the oil field. The rig celebrated the day as any other. They kept "making hole" as they say in the biz. The family spent the day here spread from the bedroom with an X Box, the living room with the Wii and the patio where a warm comfortable day was enjoyed. A little later we were all doing jello shots except for the underaged ones.
The husband left Kansas yesterday and put 4 hrs of the drive behind him and stayed overnight in Oklahoma City. He finished his 10 more hours of driving today at 1700 hrs. by arriving   home to find a turkey fresh out of the oven will all the side dishes set out on the  breakfast bar. A pumpkin pie and a pecan pie waited to finish off this second feast in less then 5 days at this house.
I'm more then a little tired. I've been on my feet since 0400 hrs this morning and I'm ready to  get a hot shower and into bed. I dismantled the vacuum cleaner this morning to clean it and replace the bag and filters. That went well. It was the work on the carpet shampooer that did me in. After removing a multitude of screws and figuring out how to pop off the plastic cover by pinching tabs hidden from view and only accessible by bending a few fingernails into the quick, I wasn't able to fix it. The rotating brushes no longer rotate. I dragged it to the "little house" and hit it with bursts of air from the air compressor. Dust and dog hair flew. Not my dog hair. I don't possess such an animal; it's from those that have borrowed this equipment. After a thorough cleaning and more time spent replacing the screws and bending a few more fingernails, the darn thing still doesn't have rotating brushes. I had to take a break and bury some frustration. Tomorrow I will try again. I'm just not ready to give up and chunk it into the landfill. Nothing lasts long these days. Look at the landfills for proof of this.
I'm off to get that shower.

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