Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ready Set,

The  husband left early this morning for a 12 hr drive. As his truck pulled out of the driveway, it disappeared into the heavy fog and he was gone. I dread seeing him leave in this weather and would have liked for him to wait until the sun burned off this fog.

0700 found me at the big box store for home improvement. Chair rail and quarter round shopping and back home to stain it all. Right now it is stacked  neatly perpendicular in a corner of the patio. Tomorrow it will go to the daughter's home for installation. One goal accomplished when done with it and on to the next job.

Carrie is fresh out of her bath, back from a visit with her father this weekend. She didn't stay in the tub for her usual amount of time. The Wii beckoned and she was told she would have to have her bath before she got to play the Wii. A carrot on the end of a stick, she allowed her hair to be shampooed and brushed with nary a whimper. She is snuggled beneath a blanket though the a/c unit is still kicking on. It's a typical November day in Louisiana.

On another note, I think I have the property sold in Wyoming. I received a second phone call today from an interested party. I don't plan on ever moving back to Casper and I should have sold this property years ago. The taxes have steadily increased as improvements were made in that neighborhood.

Christmas looms again and usually "looms" is how I think about it. I've started questioning the grandchildren about what they want this year. They usually have one   specific thing they wait all year for and this year is no exception. Ted has requested an Airsoft gun. I'm still waiting on Elise's decision.

I'm off to bed as soon as Carrie's bedtime rolls around. I have much to do tomorrow!

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