Sunday, November 2, 2008

Anti Obama? or Anti Black

While visiting a rig in Republican country (Texas) I ran into this gentlemen. He started working the rigs at 17yrs old, lives in a small Texas town all his life and is now 52 yrs. old. A hardworking fellow for sure; a good family man and a great boss to the young roughnecks on the rig; A father figure to the young workers that he supervises.
Our discussion turned to the Wall Street Fiasco and finally to the upcoming election. It never ceases to shock me when in the course of conversation casually spoken the "n" word comes up. This man wasn't a McCain fan but he voted for him because he wasn't a "nigger" (quoted). He informed me that McCain was better then having a "nigger" in the White House. "You wait till all those little niglets are running around the White House" he says.
I don't think this is a mean hearted person. I think he is a sign of "his time", "his educational background", and "his area of habitation".
I looked at this man wearing his bib overalls and as the conversation turned to the town where he lived, he spoke about the BBQ restaraunts and the best one to visit. He mentioned the owners name with great respect (a black man) and talked about what a wonderful guy he was. A hard working man he says; an honest man he says.
I began to think that the racial slurs he spouted earlier was a learned response; not a personal one to him. A conditioned response from his upbringing; his age group; educational group.
Although I was shocked by his earlier statements about the Senator Obama, I could recognize that this man was a product of his time and location or at least I surely hope so.
I intend to vote; I intend to cast my ballot to reflect how I have felt about the current administration. I pity the next President and the mess that has been left to him to correct. I don't think even an 8yr term is enough time to fix what Bush and Co have done to plough us under and to correct our standing in the world's eyes.

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