Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Clearing The Fridge(OR "I never promised this blog would be mind blowing)

I'm not one to have things on the front of my fridge. I realize for many people this is the hub of communication. Families post everything on their fridge (a sure place that will be noticed).
I don't like the cluttered look it communicates. "A place for everything and..." that's me. It seems that the only way I can get things done here is to make a list. A list that I post on the fridge. A yearly list.
I can mention that things need to be done to maintain the house but it soon passes from memory and doesn't get done. (I figured out the Fridge List ploy a few years ago. A way to stimulate hubby's attention and keep him focused).
I do a lot of the maintaining here but some things need two people to participate in order to accomplish the project or in the case of anything that needs a tape measure I'm seriously deficient. Insulating the attic is one of those things and is on my "to do" list this winter. I've waited all summer for the hot attic to cool down so we could get to this project. I did some of the insulation up there on my own till I took a dive between the rafters and landed up in the office. One moment I was looking at bare rafters and the next moment I was sitting on tile floor facing the kitchen from the office and viewing The Fridge! It happened so fast that it took me a few moments to figure out what the problem was. Someone mentioned it was a shame I didn't have a "nanny cam" so it could have been recorded! I sat in a heap of insulation too scared to access the body damage. I was sure my legs were shattered but just hadn't started pulsing with pain. I dragged myself to a phone and tried to call my daughter who lives close by. No I did the next logical thing. I called my niece that lives 1200 miles away! Fear makes one do strange things.
I was very fortunate not to have any serious injuries. Many bumps and bruises; stiff and sore for a week but very lucky! I have since developed a huge fear of being in the attic. I've attempted a few times to go back up there but I find myself hyperventilating and a cold fear sweat breaks out so I think my days in the attic are at an end.
Knobs for cupboards, baseboards replaced, trim work on the Little House, painting eaves and a few other small projects are on THE LIST on the fridge. Amazingly enough they get done as long as I post that list on The Fridge. I don't have to nag, wheedle, cajole or lose patience. The Fridge list works. I make sure I mark through with a large red Marker the "done" items. It gives my husband a goal to attain(whether he realizes it or not!). I surely don't tell him about this. Some things you just have to approach from a direction that works. I'm looking forward to the day when I can have a "cleared Fridge". When all the items have a red line marked through them. The Fridge List gets replaced on a yearly basis. Sometimes months go by before it gets posted. It gets posted usually after I become fustrated with inattentivenes; when things begin to sag, not close, stick or leak.
Here's to the day The Fridge is clear!

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