Monday, November 3, 2008

Nov.1st Summertime in the south

Well, here we are in shorts! It's November and a Monday. Election day is tomorrow and I'm getting ready to go. I have those fold up chairs ready and a thermos of drinks will be taken to the polls. (Coffee is the drink). I don't know how long I will have to stand in line but I want to be prepared. My neighbors are going at 6AM and I will be tagging along with them. I'm so excited about this election. A new day is dawning for the Republican party or at least I hope so. I hope the USA uses this election to let the government know how we feel about the past 8yrs with Bush Republicans at the helm. This is an opportunity to let the world know that we "*ucked up" in the other two elections that put and kept Bush and Co. in power.

I'm ready for a CHANGE. I'm ready for our invasion of another country to be halted; to stop the loss of lives to our soldiers and the Iraqi innocents.

I'm ready to VOTE!

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