Saturday, November 8, 2008

Testing the waters

Yesterday I printed out the picture circulating the web of the Obama family in front of the Presidential seal. I taped that picture to each side of my car windows. Bravely I got behind the wheel and cruised around the town I live in.

I didn't get anything thrown at me but I don't think I will leave my car parked unattended and expect to return to it without finding it "keyed" or windows broken.

People would pull up beside me, see the picture, ease their vehicle forward slightly to see who or "what" was driving this car. NO smiles..blank faces......or they would shake their heads negatively while giving me a nasty look and drive on. I have to remember that I live in a Red (screaming RED)

state and that there are actually places here in the USA that approve of this election.

I've heard that "he will turn us into a socialist country", "he will lead us into communism", he will shut down the oil industry (oil big industry here), that he is Muslim, and many other reasons that he should not have won this election but I think it all relates to the color of this man's skin. How sad that we live in a time where a well educated, well spoken, family oriented young man is judged unworthy because of his skin color. I'm ashamed of the bigotry that still exists in this country. How sad that people have to have someone they can feel superior to.

I remain proud that this person was elected. I voted for him not because of his skin color..I voted against the horror of having another 8 yrs of the Bush mindset. Haven't we had enough of that? Maybe some day I can look forward to having the rest of the WORLD look again at the USA with some respect; not the joke we have been for the past 8yrs!

Charlotte Ann who is looking forward with hope.

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