Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pain free...almost

I'm almost pain free.
I can:
*turn over to my side in bed without winching
*put one foot in front of the other without electrical shocks to my
*get in and out of car without using the steering wheel and the door to
lift myself out
*get up from the chair without having to put my hands on the coffee
table and leverage myself to an upright position
and for that I am THANKFUL!
I'm still a bit sore but I'm healing. I have an SI joint (sacral/illiac) that slides out occasionally, impinges on a nerve and I'm officially immobile for a while. Thankfully this does not happen often.

I remember WHEN my concerns use to involve hair and makeup, age and wrinkles and weight and clothes. Ah the times be a changin!
You get to a point in life when HEALTH is the primary concern. Unfortunately it comes with age. That awareness of what is really important. I guess I'm at that point now.

I remember hearing the "old folks" when gathered for a family get together comment on the energy the children had and I was one of those children. Now I look at my 3yr old granddaughter and am amazed at all the jumping, running and all day moving that child can do. That makes me one of the "old folks" I'm thinking.
Here's to a Thankful tomorrow!


  1. Back problems is one thing I understand. They aren't fun.

  2. Buffalo said...
    Back problems is one thing I understand. They aren't fun.

    Nope Buffalo....but thankfully mine seldom flares up!


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