Sunday, November 23, 2008


Yesterday I went shopping. I just shopped; looked at a lot of things with no specific intention to buy. When it gets this time of year I buy certain things from my childhood. Those things your parents always had in the house that reminds you of Christmas. The big bowl of mixed nuts; the hazelnuts, brazil nuts, filberts, almonds and chestnuts that were a sure sign for me of the Holidays. The oranges and apples, candy canes and those curly striped sugar candies in the candy dishes along with the box of chocolate covered cherries that were another sign that the holidays were approaching.

A bottle of Tabu. I always buy a small bottle of Tabu this time of year. This is usually the only time of year that I can find it. It reminds me of acouple of my best friends from my young school days. They always wore Tabu and in my wanderings yesterday I saw a bottle of Tabu. I didn't go shopping for this but it always seems to be around and maybe subconsciously I was shopping for the memories. I bought this little bottle of memories and when I got home I sprayed the light bulbs in the lamps and enjoyed the rush of memories of my friends.

It's not the Christmas tree nor the gifts that signal the holidays for me but the little things that trigger the memories associated with Christmas.

My grandson visits and unknowingly he expects the big bowl of mixed nuts. He takes note of the "smell" of Tabu and the bowls of fruits and candies and someday this too will remind him of the holidays. I love being a part of making his memories of the holidays! I doubt he will buy the Tabu when he is older but the sights, sounds and fragrances will take him back to his childhood Christmases.

When he chances upon the Tabu fragrance, he may not realize what it is but it will trigger thoughts of the holidays .

Not a typical holiday memory for most but his memories from Nana's house.

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  1. For some reason I can't begin to fathom, my memories of christmas are very vague and dim. No aromas, no tastes, virtually nothing.

    I find it very strange.


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