Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Racism Alive and Well

I laughed, I cried and I was so proud of the American people for the choice for change! I took this picture of my 3yr. old granddaughter; she will never know what it is to never have had a black man elected president. She may also never know what it is like to never have elected a woman president; she has a few years before this will be important to her and in that time, who knows?
I live in Lafayette La. There is a university here..University of Louisiana, Lafayette. Today my 20 yr. old neighbor girl, a beautiful educated soft spoken young lady showed up for class at the University to find that most of the students had elected not to come. A protest to the election of a black man. She has received phone calls and text messages from her friends (most of them white and friends since early childhood) telling her that this wasn't right, the election of a black man.
She is devastated. Today on campus in the student union a student burned an Obama Tshirt. He set it afire IN the student union and was promptly arrested.
I'm so embarrassed at this time to be a white woman. I'm embarrassed to see these wonderful neighbors and have them witness the ignorance of the locals here.
I made it a point to visit public places today to see what was being said. There is anger here; lots of anger. Angry white people using excuses for why he shouldn't be elected.
My response to them is "White people voted him into office". (not any here in Louisiana). It's a democracy and the people have spoken. I think they would have chose 8 more years of a Bushlike president then to have a black man in office and that is pure racism!
Charlotte Ann who wishes she lived in a LIBERAL STATE!

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